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Zack Snyder Reveals New Batmobile and Batsuit

O-M-G! (regulate breathing). Zack Snyder has revealed the new Batmobile and Ben Affleck’s Batman on Twitter. Both are different to the Frank Miller grey/black suit and tank I was expecting, but the Nolan/Burton combination that it appears to be looks awesome! There even seems to be a drop of Schumacher’s Batman Forever in the vehicle too. The suit looks less reliant on armour now and more fabric, suggesting a physically stronger Batman this time around. This makes sense given he will be going toe-to-toe with the Man of Steel. Batfleck looks mean and moody too.



As an avid Burton and Nolan Batman fan, everything so far looks positively exciting. I still have some hesitation over Wonder Woman and Cyborg being thrown in to the mix for the Justice League link. However, based on these updates I’m warming to the idea.

Shooting with the cast has been rumoured to have kicked-off this week. May 2016 couldn’t come round any sooner.

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