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2017’s Watchlist

2015 and 2016 were years of blockbusters not delivering on the promises showcased in their trailers, or they desperately revealed their trump card just to get people on cinema seats (we’re looking at you, Terminator Genisys). The first half of 2017 looks promising. Let’s hope that the studio executives don’t have final cut on the trailers this year!


T2: Trainspotting (January)









Live By Night (January)









Jackie (January)









Hacksaw Ridge (January)









John Wick: Chapter 2 (February)









Logan (March)









Ghost In The Shell (March)









Alien: Covenant (May)









Wonder Woman (June)









Spider-Man: Homecoming (July)







Dunkirk (July)









The Dark Tower (July)






Baby Driver (August)






American Made (August)









Kingsman: The Golden Circle (September)










Blade Runner 2049 (October)





Logan Lucky (tbc)










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