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ArtFX OFFICIEL // Thousandth Street

Blade Runner with a slice of Minority Report…..what’s not to like!?!

‘Imported From Gotham City’ TV Spot Contest

The Dark Knight Rises release date is creeping up on us fast, and the viral campaign is still in full swing. There have been a good amount of TV spots that have aired already, and now we’re being given the opportunity to create our own. The ‘Imported From Gotham City’ website (click the image for a link) provides a download pack of all clips, titles and music tracks to use, and the lucky winner could have their 25 second creation aired on national TV. The deadline is June 29th, but I don’t think I’ll can settle on just one! Below you can see all of my drafts, but I won’t be able to post my final submission until after the winner is announced, as that’ll be breaking the rules!

If you wouldn’t mind taking the time to cast me a vote here before July 3rd, that’d help me out 😀



Canon 550D Test Footage

I recently invested some monies in a DSLR camera! All I’ve ever used before is your standard digital camera or my iPhone. It was about that time to upgrade my Sony Cybershot and slowly but surely I “justifiably” increased my budget to future proof myself. I could have spent less if I wanted it purely for still photography, but it was the filming aspect I was chasing a bit more. The iPhone is great and offers HD resolutions but it allows a limited control over your shots. It was a clear split decision between the Nikon D3100 and the Canon 550D which are both capable of 1080p HD video recording. After a long period of researching the net and testing out the cameras in-store, I sided with the Canon. A) It offers 24fps at 1080p (for that cinematic effect) and B) the lenses and camera chips are created with higher quality standard testing. The Nikon was tempting because of it’s cheaper price, but I discovered the box contents miss certain components such as a USB cable. So all in all the prices would have balanced out with the Canon almost.

Anyhoo – lets get to the juice. To get a bit more familiar with the Canon’s functions, I took some shots of my car and uploaded the test footage to Vimeo. You can view below or from my portfolio section. Enjoy!


As soon as Prometheus was announced by Ridley Scott, like every Alien fan-boy out there, I literally stood up and toasted the father of the franchise returning to save its somewhat tarnished image. No predators in sight. Just a handful of scientists and engineers in a claustrophobic space craft on an undiscovered (well….) planet.  (more…)

Sir Jonathan Ive on the MacBook Design

I’ve recently finished reading Steve Jobs’ biography by Walter Isaacson and was engrossed by the design process of Apple’s products. I have an iPhone 4 but I’m not au fait with Mac OS (I’m a PC), so I relish the opportunity when I’m in an Apple store to learn more about it. Moreover, Apple produce some beautiful products in a market dominated by some cheap, plastic moulded devices. Their end-to-end distribution ensures that their are no comprises in their hardware and software. I’ve seen smartphones running the Android OS software, and compared to Apple’s iOS on a HD retina screen it looks buggy, dull and as if it’s just imitating the iOS. Anyhoo, enough of the plugging, this video is interesting in understanding a designer’s thought process during product developments.

Max Payne 3 – Design & Tech Series

Max Payne is back! Even though the return of the film noir anti-hero is slightly delayed, I think it’s worth the wait. The series was one of the first games I played with an engaging storyline that compelled you to reach the end. With it’s unique graphic novel cut scenes and intense gun play, this is the return of a gaming icon.


Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011)

From the various reviews on the first film it had both it’s fans and it’s haters. The sequel is bigger and bolder but unlikely to claim back those haters to the franchise, even with Holmes’ arch nemesis, Professor Moriarty, in the other corner. Moriarty is indeed portrayed as Holmes’ equal in terms of intellect, and there are times when you think it’s game over for our super sleuth. He’s certainly seen as meeting his match, just as the Dark Knight does with the Joker.


The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2011)

After reading Stieg Larsson’s Millennium trilogy I was initially compelled to watch the original Swedish films instead of David Fincher’s. Then the trailer landed. Trent Reznor/Atticus Ross’ score added another dimension to the eerie and disturbing atmosphere, so I decided to wait for the Hollywood version. A calculated risk, as I’ve heard nothing but praise of Noomi Rapace’s performance, but worth the wait. However, Rooney Mara really puts in a stellar performance as Lisbeth Salander, both physically and verbally.


The Dark Knight Rises (Trailer #2)

I’ve watched this countless times already. For me, this is the big film of 2012.

I think I’ll watch this just one more time…


UPDATE 09Jan12: I went to the London IMAX last night to see Mission: Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol and saw the 6 minute prologue of TDKR. I don’t wish to spoil anything, all I have to say is that it was amazing. Tom Hardy is absolutely menacing as Bane. I could see what the commotion was regarding his voice. It wouldn’t hurt to tweak the audio slightly, but hopefully not too much as from the version I saw it really sounded sinister. Roll on July 2012!