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The Dark Knight Rises Viral Campaign…Rises!

The folks over at the Dark Knight have kick-started the viral campaign in the run up to the movie’s July 20th release date. From the link, it’s a collection of police files and an arrest warrant on “the vigilante know as Batman” from the desk of one of Gotham City’s finest. At the end of the document it details a list of locations across the world, 5 of which are here in London. Every time someone tweets a picture with the hashtag #tdkr07202012 of the findings at the location, a frame is unlocked from what looks like the final trailer for the film. The nearest one to me would be the Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane in Shoreditch which I investigated earlier and is the image for this blog post.

I was going to say that hopefully within a week or two, the new trailer will debut online in full HD glory. However, looks like the world has rushed out to these locations quicker than expected; the trailer was online as of this morning and is embedded below!!

Meanwhile, trailer #2 can be found on my previous post.

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