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Max Payne 3 [PS3]

Max Payne is back! Older, heavier and with whiskey replacing the blood in his veins. Different times call for different situations, and this is a different Max Payne game. Gone are the snow covered night scenes of New York (well, aside from the flashback levels) and in there place are the sun-drenched favelas of South America. Rockstar have taken over full responsibility from Remedy for Max Payne 3 and there are Remedy-shaped holes where they are sorely missed. Gone are the trademark graphic novel cutscenes and they have been replaced with stylish full-action animations. They do echo the graphic novel panels in fast-cutting transitions, but if it wasn’t for the return of James McCaffrey voicing the titular anti-hero, this game would almost be unrecognisable. Other differences include a cover system and the ability to dual wield any two handheld weapons. Not that any of these changes are a bad thing, of course. (more…)