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Future Cinema Presents… Ghostbusters

Last night,¬†Future Cinema¬†triumphantly emerged once again at The Troxy in East London for a live screening of Ghostbusters. If you’re not familiar with Secret or Future Cinema, they transform the location into a location from the film (this case being the Sedgewick Hotel) and have actors perform live events around it. After the Ghostbusters car pulls up outside whilst we’re queueing, we finally get inside of the “hotel lobby” to be greeted by Janine, who quizzes us on any paranormal activity that we’ve seen. We finish the questioning and then enter the main auditorium where we bump into Winston Zeddmore, Walter Peck (receiving boos from the crowd as the villain of the evening) and Louis Tully (who offers to do our accounts!).

The Troxy itself was a great venue. It has that retro feel and versatility that could be used for countless different films. Around the room before the event there is the obligatory bar, Ghostbusters paranormal testing area (!) plus somewhere to grab a hot dog and a twinkie! When the screening time came around, Janine took to the stage to announce a ghost sighting. The lights come down, and the screen comes up. During the screening actors simultaneously perform iconic points from the film, such as getting their first call (“We got one!”), catching Slimer (“We came, we saw, we kicked its ass!”) and Louis Tully being chased by the Gozer demon (“Let me in!”). Towards the finale and to the audience’s raucous applause, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man even made an appearance! These segments were the highlight of the evening, as the majority of the room would have seen the film already, but this almost interactive element gave the film so much more attention.

All in all, an amazing evening and cinema experience. We’ll be keeping a close eye on any updates for Future Cinema’s next event.