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Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

This is THE most outrageously fun and random game I have ever played. It’s riddled with more 80’s sci-fi action film references than swiss cheese has holes. There isn’t much to say to give this review any depth as it is pure, guilty, nostalgic fun. In an alternate 2007 during the aftermath of a nuclear war between the US and Russia, you play Rex Power Colt, an elite cyborg commando (voiced and modelled on Michael Biehn) who is tracking down a rogue agent, Sloan. That’s pretty much that. Along the way there are references to Predator, RoboCop, The Terminator, Blade Runner, Aliens, Miami Connection and even Rocky IV (there’s a comprehensive list of all the references over at Collected Cinema). They range from weapons, mission names, montages, soundtrack influences and quips from the hero character himself.

There’s plenty of content that your £9.99 gets you in Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon (FYI, you don’t need to purchase Far Cry 3 to play, this is a stand alone mod). Aside from the open world main objectives there are weapon upgrades, collectibles (VHS tapes, TVs, documents), Blood Dragons to kill and enemy bases to capture. Probably around 6 hours of content in total. The action is fluid and as you’d expect if you’ve played Far Cry before. You can choose to go loud or go quiet in your attacks, and you can take control of jeeps, boats and jet skis. This games looks outstanding too, the art direction is fantastic with it’s overdose of moody neon glows and polished graphics. The stand out aspect for me is the soundtrack; it flocks in about every single piece of nostalgia from Brad Fiedel’s Terminator soundtrack to Rocky IV’s.

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon is a fun and hilarious stand alone game that’s worth every penny of it’s £9.99 price tag. Whilst some may be confused by the game’s marketing, leave every assumption you have at the door and make sure you play this game. If there’s any game that cries out for a sequel after you’ve completed it, it’s this one.