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London Cable Car

On the run up to Christmas, I finally had the time to take to the skies (!) on the London Cable Car, also known as the Emirates Air Line. Have to say, I really didn’t pick the best day either. Due to the fog I could barely see further than Canary Wharf. To me it seems strange to travel from the Excel centre at the Royal Albert Docks to the O2 in North Greenwich, other than during the 2012 Olympics. There’s just nothing really there to see!

The cable car ride itself lasted no longer than 5 mins, and you just hop on an open carriage whilst it’s still moving, and disembark the other end in a similar style. It’s not the busiest method of London public transport, and it was never designed to be. However, the ease of using an Oyster card or buying from the ticket kiosk makes it easily accessible to anyone. Unless your visiting the Excel/O2 there’s easier and quicker ways to get to either destination, but it is one of those things I would recommend to do once. I’d advise to pick a sunny day for best results!