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Canon 550D Test Footage

I recently invested some monies in a DSLR camera! All I’ve ever used before is your standard digital camera or my iPhone. It was about that time to upgrade my Sony Cybershot and slowly but surely I “justifiably” increased my budget to future proof myself. I could have spent less if I wanted it purely for still photography, but it was the filming aspect I was chasing a bit more. The iPhone is great and offers HD resolutions but it allows a limited control over your shots. It was a clear split decision between the Nikon D3100 and the Canon 550D which are both capable of 1080p HD video recording. After a long period of researching the net and testing out the cameras in-store, I sided with the Canon. A) It offers 24fps at 1080p (for that cinematic effect) and B) the lenses and camera chips are created with higher quality standard testing. The Nikon was tempting because of it’s cheaper price, but I discovered the box contents miss certain components such as a USB cable. So all in all the prices would have balanced out with the Canon almost.

Anyhoo – lets get to the juice. To get a bit more familiar with the Canon’s functions, I took some shots of my car and uploaded the test footage to Vimeo. You can view below or from my portfolio section. Enjoy!