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Killing Them Softly [2012]

I’ve got a strange fascination with movie trailers; I get excited in the anticipation of the online release of them to see the tone of the film. With certain summer blockbusters such as The Dark Knight and James Bond, I could watch them over and over again to experience that first time thrill of finally seeing something I’ve read development articles about for over 18 months or so. However, trailers are something in themselves, and purely made to get rear-ends into cinema seats. They’ve been harshly criticised as being the film industry’s false salesman, as well as spoiling the entire plot or funniest moments in some cases, and Killing Them Softly falls victim to this “yes man”. But damn, that Johnny Cash song was made for this film. (more…)


Moneyball [2011]

Moneyball first surprised me when I heard that it was nominated for Best Picture at the 2012 Oscars. After a quick first glimpse at its trailer and TV spots I was under the impression it would be more a situation, feel-good “dramedy”. Maybe going in with this naive frame of mind was beneficial, as the film I actually saw was a touching story of persistence, hope and self-worth. Yes it has its light moments of relief, but it’s not an underdog story akin to The Fighter or Remember The Titans. In fact, at its core it’s not even about the players or the game itself. It’s about overcoming the odds and working to make it mean something rather than the annual salary.