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My First PlayStation VR Experience…As Batman!

Coinciding with the launch of PlayStation VR, I managed to sign up for a free trial in London. Overall the event was fantastically managed and well organised. I had a specific trial time and only had to wait about 10 mins. It wasn’t packed full of people and the staff were actually really accommodating and knowledgable.

Of course, out of the selection of games including first person shooters, horrors and driving simulators, I became the Batman.

The headset itself was comfortable and not that heavy. You can adjust the focus and there wasn’t any movement calibration required. I was given bat cowl headphones and two motion controller sticks, and found myself sitting at a piano in Wayne Manor.

Alfred handed me the key to unlock the piano. After hitting a few keys I defended in to the Batcave. I suited up, tested some gadgets and was ready to enter Gotham.

This was the ultimate tease as the trial ended right before this. It lasted for around 20 mins, but I was immersed right from the get go. It’s not as sharp as your 1080p TV due to the focus, but it didn’t prohibit or break the immersion. This was my first VR experience and I haven’t felt gaming immersion like this before. It felt like the ultimate escapism. Wii on acid. The VR kit comes with a hefty price tag (all in all the package without the game will set me back around £420), but after today it will be justified somehow.

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