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Max Payne 3 – Design & Tech Series

Max Payne is back! Even though the return of the film noir anti-hero is slightly delayed, I think it’s worth the wait. The series was one of the first games I played with an engaging storyline that compelled you to reach the end. With it’s unique graphic novel cut scenes and intense gun play, this is the return of a gaming icon.

I had the first 2 instalments on PC, and after the storyline ended I found the games had a huge fan based mod community (much like Half-Life). “The Fall of Max Payne” really impressed me with it’s physics engine and rag doll effect of the AIs. Aside from adding weapons and skins, certain mods elevated specified elements of the physics. For example, one of them added the black bars at the top and bottom of the screen to create a widescreen cinematic effect and also coded the empty bullet shell casings to hang in mid-air during “bullet-time”. The developers seem to have focused on the realism of the physics even down to where the bullet casings drop for the new game.

We’re taken out of the familiar blizzard covered nightimes of New York City and throws us into the favelas and high rises of Brazil. As you can see from this video we get the chance to return to the big apple in flash backs, but this is Max out of his comfort zone. Sounds like the perfect situation for some intense game play. After all, “It’s fear that gives men wings.”


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