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‘Imported From Gotham City’ TV Spot Contest

The Dark Knight Rises release date is creeping up on us fast, and the viral campaign is still in full swing. There have been a good amount of TV spots that have aired already, and now we’re being given the opportunity to create our own. The ‘Imported From Gotham City’ website (click the image for a link) provides a download pack of all clips, titles and music tracks to use, and the lucky winner could have their 25 second creation aired on national TV. The deadline is June 29th, but I don’t think I’ll can settle on just one! Below you can see all of my drafts, but I won’t be able to post my final submission until after the winner is announced, as that’ll be breaking the rules!

If you wouldn’t mind taking the time to cast me a vote here before July 3rd, that’d help me out 😀


Quick note: YouTube displays a running time slightly over 25 seconds for some reason, but in my video editing software and the .mp4 properties the running time is 24.24 seconds :/


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