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Homeland (Pilot)

US TV series Homeland premièred across the pond on Channel 4 last night to positive praise. It can’t be helped to compare it with series such as 24 given that it deals with a terrorism threat and flawed characters.

However, it manages to take those elements and make it its own. In a typically male dominated role, Claire Danes remarkably plays the antagonist with a tarnished reputation. A CIA field-analyst-with-a-hunch who does not necessarily make the right decisions, and has an as of yet unknown pill addiction. Brit-thesp Damian Lewis takes the role of a US marine who was presumed KIA in Afghanistan after being captured, only to be discovered alive 7 years later. Returning home to a family and a nation that have moved on, he slips back into his old life attracting sinister suspicions from Danes’ analyst. He plays the role with an air of mystery and you are not actually sure whether to trust him; as who knows what happened over those 7 years. Was he turned? Is he a spy? Or about to launch a domestic terror attack? Or is he just ‘regular Joe’ again?

I’ll definitely be catching the second episode next Sunday. It’ll be interesting to see how the concept can evolve and escalate into a second series. All will be revealed in good time!

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