Mitchel Waite © 2022


"Thank you for all your help and contribution to the Anglomania video shoot. It was a great day of filming and I’m sure you are just as excited as us to see the end result!" - Josh (Vivienne Westwood)

"If light, colour and shadow is the orchestra, then Mitch, you are the conductor of a wondrous visual symphony, and it’s a real privilege to have you behind the camera. There are Directors of Photography and then there are Cinematographers and Mitch has that cinematic eye, it’s an absolute joy to see ‘Minuit sur le Borough’ come to life with Mitch behind the lens." - Matt E. Hudson (Director, 'Midnight on the Borough')

"Nice one, Mitch. You did a great job plus you're actually in the trailer. I will definitely be working with you on future projects." - Artell Cowell (Director, 'Takin the P')