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Category : Updates

Portfolio Update

Good morning guys and gals of the world wide interweb. I’ve been updating my portfolio section quite a bit recently with some new iPhotos and higher resolution lighting renders. There will (hopefully) soon be another addition to the video editing section.

Head on over here to check it out my work.

–End of transmission–


– MW.

We’re getting there!

I think we’re pretty much up and running now. I’ve got all my categories set up, pages in order and some content uploaded. There will be more, I want to see how this layout works and find any bugs before I start uploading everything. If you happen to spot anything that needs fixing (dead links, etc), then send me a message via the contact page.


Testing…1..2… anyone there?

Welcome to v2.o of! I’ve upgraded from a free Google site (messy break-up, it just didn’t work out), so please be patient while v2.0 is still under construction. Essentially, this will serve as my portfolio and a platform of random musings.

Thanks for visiting. Explore. Enjoy. Bookmark!