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You Can Buy My Tat!

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  1. Rubbish, junk. Abb. of 'tatty'.
    Used to refer to the kind of junk sold by crafty Cockneys to unsuspecting tourists in central London. E.g. "You can't wear that old cardigan, it's tat." {Informal}


Instead of just sharing my photos online, the world can now see them on laptop sleeves, coffee mugs, phone cases or even on their living room walls!

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‘The Revenant’ Cinematographer Emmanuel “Chivo” Lubezki

Just like Children Of Men, Gravity and Birdman; I was amazed by Emmanuel Lubezki’s cinematography in The Revenant. Here’s a short video from Variety, with comments on his career progression from other great cinematographers such as Roger Deakins. There’s some great insights in this 5 minute video, click the thumbnail to check it out.

‘Blade Runner’ BFI Photography Competition

To coincide with Blade Runner: The Final Cut coming back to the big screen as part of the BFI’s Sci-Fi: Days of Fear & Wonder season, they also ran a photography competition. “We want YOUR photos of real life scenes that resemble the world of Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner. The best entries will be featured on, with three prizes up for grabs: 1 x BFI DVDs worth £100 and 2 x Blade Runner limited edition posters.”

Unfortunately the deadline for entries has now ended, but here’s my 3 submissions plus a few extras that were on the shortlist.

London Shots

Happy (belated) New Year! Christmas was certainly a busy time seeing family and catching up with friends. However, I managed to escape into London with the camera and finally head up to the top of The Monument (near Bank), Borough Market at London Bridge and then around City Hall by Tower Bridge.

The full album which I continuously update is available to view on Flickr.

Returning To Paris [2014]

At the end of August I took a few days holiday to roam the streets of Paris with my camera. I’ve been to Paris before, so didn’t feel the need to spend my time queuing for the Eiffel Tower, Le Louvre, etc. So instead I set off each morning from Bastille and just walked…..snapping away at Parisian street life. My first port of call is to scale to a high point of a new city when I first arrive. I decided to head to the viewing gallery of Tour Montparnasse (for amazing night time views of the Eiffel Tower) and The Sacre Coeur (for panoramic daytime views of the city). Montmartre has become one of my favourite spots in Paris alongside the Notre Dame area (The Shakespeare & Co. bookshop is a must see).

The rest of the album can be view over on my Flickr profile.

New York City

After rummaging around the the extensive archives of my photography hard drive, I rediscovered my shots from New York in 2009. One of the main highlights was being present in Time Square for President Obama’s official inauguration into The White House. With the shots being taken on a Sony Cybershot digital camera, it’s safe to say they needed a bit of a post-production boost.

You can view the rest of the album over on my Flickr profile here.

Time Lapse (Cycling)

Another time lapse test using my new GoPro Hero 3. This time cycling on the streets of London.

My First Shot At Time-lapse Photography

My first shot at time-lapse photography using a newly acquired GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition.

I bear no responsibility for cleaning the window.

Sunset Over Clapham

With the recent summer spell here in Clapham, London (it has lasted almost a whole week!), I finally had the opportunity to grab some sunset stills whilst the skies were clear.

8-bit Lane

The Truman Brewery on Brick Lane, Shoreditch was transformed at the weekend by Disney as part of it’s promotional release for Wreck-It-Ralph. 8-bit Lane allows you take a pixelated walk down computer memory lane to see pieces of gaming architecture reminiscent of Tetris and Pacman. Notable sights include a London taxi, a burst water pipe, pigeons and the world’s first ‘Blippable’ building. Scanning the building poster via the Blippar mobile app activates a Wreck-It-Ralph playable game, transforming the building into an augmented reality level.

My personal favourite was the 8-bit pigeons who happened to be joined by a live one. The lane could have done with a few more pieces dotted around. However, all-in-all it was a great thing to see….and unleash the inner geek!


Wreck-It-Ralph is released in the UK on February 8th 2013.