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Annihilation [2018] Review

Annihilation is a rare film, and Alex Garland is a rare writer/director (not forgetting the source material’s author in Annihilation’s case; Jeff VanderMeer). He is the only person I can think of that has captured the sci-fi trends that Hollywood has missed in the last 20 years.

Blade Runner 2049 [2017] Review

Where to even begin with this. I’m won’t sit on the fence teasing you so that you read the entire post to find out what I though. I’ll put my cards on the table now; I absolutely loved Blade Runner 2049.

Ghost In The Shell [2017] Review

It’s happened. Hollywood have finally got their hands all over the manga holy grail; Mamoru Oshii’s classic, Ghost In The Shell. It’s actually not that bad…

2017’s Watchlist

2015 and 2016 were years of blockbusters not delivering on promises showcased in their trailers, or they desperately revealed their trump card to get people on cinema seats (we’re looking at you, Terminator Genisys). The first half of 2017 looks promising. Let’s hope that the studio executives don’t have final cut on the trailers!

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story [2016] Review

Amongst Rogue One’s gritty and war-torn tone and visuals, it kept an ecstatic grin across my face for the entire 134 minute run time. There were moments of shock, humour and suspense throughout. Even knowing the story’s outcome before buying my tickets, the was enough going on around this to keep the audience entertained and begging for more. Rogue One may have just become my favourite Star Wars film….

Here’s The Blade Runner: 2049 Announcement Trailer (Thankfully It Looks Good!)

Relieved, to say the least! Without giving away too much, yes, the Vangelis soundtrack and neon-noir lights are back.

Scarface (1983) #NowWatching

I dusted off the DVD after a decade, and felt like I watched a totally different film. I was a little older. A (little) wiser. A little more observant. I appreciated every slow camera pan, every transition and every nuance from Brian De Palma’s direction and Oliver Stone’s brutal script that piled up the tension.

‘Time’: My Christopher Nolan Video Tribute

I love Christopher Nolan’s style of filmmaking along with Wally Pfister’s / Hoyte Van Hoytema’s cinematography style. I really enjoy cutting together short compilation projects and can’t believe it’s taken me this long to think of creating this (previously I focused his ‘Dark Knight’ trilogy). I tend to find a piece of music first and then think of key images/quotes to define the theme of an edit. I find cutting to music so much more effective. I need to refine my dialogue isolation skills, […]

Jason Bourne – New Official Trailer

Now this looks good. I’m just as excited for this as I was with ‘The Bourne Ultimatum’. Matt Damon returns as Jason Bourne along with director Paul Greengrass. Arrives in cinemas July 28th 2016.

Batman v Superman [2016] Review

It’s no secret that I have a bias towards #TeamBatman. As someone said to me after asking my opinion of the film; even if Batman just sat silently on a chair in a room, I would have liked it. The Good When Ben Affleck was cast at the caped crusader, for a moment I thought it was an April fools’ joke. After his unfavourable turn in 2003’s ‘Daredevil’ I was surprised to think that he would want to tread in […]