Django Unchained

Django Unchained & The Tarantino Universe

Quentin Tarantino returns with a “Southern” take on the Western genre with Django Unchained. Following on from the successful Inglourious Basterds, Tarantino re-teams with the charismatic Christoph Waltz, who plays bounty hunter Dr. King Schultz. Under the guise of weary travelling dentist he tracks down the currently enslaved Django, played by Jamie Foxx, who can help him identify his next bounty. The two of them then set off to hunt down the Brittle brothers, and along the way discover Django’s goal to free his enslaved […]

8-bit Lane

The Truman Brewery on Brick Lane, Shoreditch was transformed at the weekend by Disney as part of it’s promotional release for Wreck-It-Ralph. 8-bit Lane allows you take a pixelated walk down computer memory lane to see pieces of gaming architecture reminiscent of Tetris and Pacman. Notable sights include a London taxi, a burst water pipe, pigeons and the world’s first ‘Blippable’ building. Scanning the building poster via the Blippar mobile app activates a Wreck-It-Ralph playable game, transforming the building into an augmented reality level. My […]

Hitman Absolution

Hitman: Absolution

Agent 47 has emerged from hiding for the first time in 6 years since Blood Money, much to a divided reception. The Hitman games are for those who have a lot of patience and don’t mind the trial-and-error style of playing, with the reward of achieving a ‘silent assassin’ rating. Those elements are still present in Absolution, but the construction of the levels appear almost against that style the games are know for. The long, sprawling and open plan arenas (such as infiltrating a hospital) have been replaced […]

London Cable Car

On the run up to Christmas, I finally had the time to take to the skies (!) on the London Cable Car, also known as the Emirates Air Line. Have to say, I really didn’t pick the best day either. Due to the fog I could barely see further than Canary Wharf. To me it seems strange to travel from the Excel centre at the Royal Albert Docks to the O2 in North Greenwich, other than during the 2012 Olympics. […]

A Different Perspective of London

At the weekend I finally took to the (surprisingly) blue skies of London on a helicopter tour of the city. It was the first time earning my stripes in a chopper, and luckily managed to grab the co-pilot’s seat. Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to co-pilot! The fight was a lot smoother than I anticipated, given the windy weather conditions. The views were absolutely stunning though; we flew in from the East over the Olympic site, then worked our way down the […]

The Town

There Needs To Be More Films Like….The Town

Hopefully this will become more of a regular category on my blog, as I currently write more about new releases than those in retrospect. The Town, adapted from the novel Prince Of Thieves by Chuck Hogan, went on general release in 2010 and was directed by and starred Ben Affleck. Set in Charlestown, Boston (a blue-collared neighbourhood that claims to have produced more bank and armoured car robbers than anywhere in the world) it focuses on Doug MacRay (Affleck) and […]

Apple iPhone 5

Apple & The Future

Apple: Steve Jobs + 1 My first ever Apple product was the 3rd generation iPod Nano purchased in 2007 and I was fixated by it’s sheer perfect design. It was slim, light (hardly noticeable in my jacket pocket), the software ran smoothly and transferring songs via iTunes was quick. To this day I’d still prefer that over my iPhone as an mp3 player, but now it’s convenient to have the combination on one device. It was inevitable that when I […]

Skyfall (Shanghai Bar)

Skyfall [2012]

Skyfall, Bond’s 23rd Eon film and 50th anniversary outing, delivers on all levels. This is a Bond film, but not a Bond film, if you get my meaning? It’s still a part of the stripped back feel of the series since Casino Royale but certain key elements, such as the humour, are brought back very carefully. This is a personal Bond film. Without giving too much away, there’s no plot for world domination. Javier Bardem’s sinister villain Silva is out for […]

The ’21st Century Light Space Modulator’ Is Finally Launched

You may have read my previous post about this collaboration project between Havells Sylvania, Jason Bruges Studio and the London Southbank Centre. Last night was the final unveiling of The 21st Century Light Space Modulator, located under Hungerford Bridge. The piece was inspired by László Moholy-Nagy’s work on the Light Prop for an Electric Stage in 1930. The modulator itself is an interactive piece of artwork that reacts to activity and motion, and was last night showcased by a 20 minute evening […]

My Favourite James Bond Film: Casino Royale

The James Bond films are a part of any boy’s life growing up. For me, I grew up in the Pierce Brosnan era and Goldeneye was the first 007 film I watched. It wasn’t until Tomorrow Never Dies, my first cinema experience of the MI6 agent (which I had to sneak in to, as I was underage at 11!), that I started to realise the cultural importance of Bond. Every screening is full to the brim of every age group, […]