Captain America The Winter Soldier

Captain America: The Winter Soldier [2014]

So, the hangover from The Avengers has kicked in (or Avengers Assemble, but come on we all know what movie ticket we’re buying here), and Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 have come along to sooth our heads and rehydrate us for Marvel’s Phase 2. Just before audiences are served something new with The Guardians Of The Galaxy landing this summer, the Cap just wants to grab our attention with BOTH FISTS. The First Avenger received a small amount of […]

Dirty Burger

The Burger Chronicles Update: Dirty Burger

Place: Dirty Burger in Vauxhall. Food: Dirty Bacon with crinkle cut fries and a chocolate shake. Score: 8/10. The burger was absolutely amazing, cooked to perfection with a good amount of crunchy lettuce to freshen it up. The Vauxhall branch is more of a stop-and-go place with limited breakfast bar styled seating. The burger is very reasonably priced, but the sides and drinks are on the more expensive side in comparison to places like Byron.

Status Update

Hi all. I’ve dropped off the radar over the last month, so thought I’d just check-in with a quick status update. I’m still here! I’ve just been travelling a lot with work during March (India, France & Germany) and updating the website in the background to make loading times quick and more responsive. Don’t worry, I’ve taken a good amount of photos for the portfolio, so keep checking back for some updates soon! -Mitch.


Martin Scorsese: The Wolf Of Western Cinema

Martin Scorsese’s latest entry into his stellar filmography, The Wolf Of Wall Street, has hit cinemas this month. Before seeing it this Friday, I’ve been re-watching his back catalogue at any given opportunity. Ever since I watched the VHS of Goodfellas, I was hooked on the frantic, overwhelming and lacerating method of storytelling. I can’t think of any other filmmaker that can craft a feature pushing close to the 180 minute needle that barely gives the viewer time to take […]

Future Cinema Presents… Ghostbusters

Last night, Future Cinema triumphantly emerged once again at The Troxy in East London for a live screening of Ghostbusters. If you’re not familiar with Secret or Future Cinema, they transform the location into a location from the film (this case being the Sedgewick Hotel) and have actors perform live events around it. After the Ghostbusters car pulls up outside whilst we’re queueing, we finally get inside of the “hotel lobby” to be greeted by Janine, who quizzes us on any paranormal […]

The Last Of Us

The Last Of Us [PS3]

Naughty Dog just keep on going from strength to strength. They’ve truly utilised the full power potential of Sony’s PlayStation 3, and the results are mesmerisingly beautiful with their latest output, The Last Of Us. As the player, you are thrown head first into the downfall of an apocalyptic USA as single father Joel. After seeing a his home town become overrun by the mysterious zombie-like Cordyceps spore virus, we flash forward 20 years later where he encounters 14 year-old […]

New York City

After rummaging around the the extensive archives of my photography hard drive, I rediscovered my shots from New York in 2009. One of the main highlights was being present in Time Square for President Obama’s official inauguration into The White House. With the shots being taken on a Sony Cybershot digital camera, it’s safe to say they needed a bit of a post-production boost. You can view the rest of the album over on my Flickr profile here.


The Sopranos. The Greatest TV Series Ever ‘Made’.

Just like the sudden finale of the last episode, James Gandolfini was sadly taken from our lives earlier this year and has since made me think of one thing; “…focus on the little things. Try to remember the times that were good.” It wasn’t until I saw Gandolfini act in something else that I appreciated how gifted an actor he was. I assumed he spoke like Tony, but in reality he seemed to be more like the humble Kevin Finnerty. […]


Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

This is THE most outrageously fun and random game I have ever played. It’s riddled with more 80’s sci-fi action film references than swiss cheese has holes. There isn’t much to say to give this review any depth as it is pure, guilty, nostalgic fun. In an alternate 2007 during the aftermath of a nuclear war between the US and Russia, you play Rex Power Colt, an elite cyborg commando (voiced and modelled on Michael Biehn) who is tracking down […]

Time Lapse (Cycling)

Another time lapse test using my new GoPro Hero 3. This time cycling on the streets of London.