I'm Mitchel Waite

Photographer | Lighting Expert

(don't judge me on my selfie game!)

Who I Am

Photographer, lighting expert and part-time gaffer on short films

What I Do

I take photos and can help you with any lighting need that you might have

Why I Do It

I love cinema. The craft of filmmaking has been my passion ever since I can remember. I've been entertained, now I'm entertaining!

"Shoot now, edit later."

This is my photography mantra. The blessing (and curse) of digital photography means that you could have almost an endless reel of images. However, if you don't take all those shots, you might miss that perfect moment.


I love cinema and I channel that passion in to my photography. Whether that's through the composition or colour tone, I'll create something magical that you'll truly love with the highest possible service.


Without light there would be nothing to take photos of! I've worked as a lighting professional since 2008, learned about the importance of light and used it to continuously fine tune my photography craft.


Film has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember.


"Thank you for all your help and contribution to the Anglomania video shoot. It was a great day of filming and I’m sure you are just as excited as us to see the end result!" - Josh (Vivienne Westwood)

"If light, colour and shadow is the orchestra, then Mitch, you are the conductor of a wondrous visual symphony, and it’s a real privilege to have you behind the camera. There are Directors of Photography and then there are Cinematographers and Mitch has that cinematic eye, it’s an absolute joy to see ‘Minuit sur le Borough’ come to life with Mitch behind the lens." - Matt E. Hudson (Director, 'Midnight on the Borough')

"Nice one, Mitch. You did a great job plus you're actually in the trailer. I will definitely be working with you on future projects." - Artell Cowell (Director, 'Takin the P')

Photography. Made Simple.

Let's keep things clear and easy. No project is too big or small. No hidden costs. No complications. Need someone to take some photos? You don't pay any more than what's outlined below. I want to improve all of the bad social media profile photos out there in the easiest possible way!

You may just want a few family portraits taken or need an entire event captured. I'll bring my cinematic style to any project and capture every element both professionally & creatively. I like to start off by having a quick chat with you by phone or a video call to discuss what you want from the session. The below prices are fixed and I only charge for the time that I'm taking photos; I don't include or charge extra for travel and editing.

  • Portraits

  • £40
    per session
  • Typically a 1 hour session

    I'll get you that perfect blurred background!

    Perfect if you're in need of a set of creative / corporate headshots

    If you just want a fresh new and professional looking social media headshot (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn), I can do a single image for a reduced fixed rate of just £15

    I'll take an unlimited number of photos in the time slot, and of course all will be sent to you and are yours to keep for self promotion

    6 retouched (airbrushed) images of your choice in either colour or black & white

    No additional charge for image editing. You only pay for the time that I'm taking photos.

  • Promotional

  • £250
    per day
  • Promotional images (e.g. your business premises for use on website or brochures)

    Product photography for your online business taken in a professional light box for perfect, shadow-free images

    Limited to products 60cm x 60cm x 60cm in size, but get in touch to see what I can do about anything bigger

  • Events

  • £50
    per hour
  • Engagement photos

    Birthdays /anniversaries

    We'll pick together which photos to digitally retouch (airbrush) in colour or black & white

    All photos taken will be sent to you and are yours to keep

Creative and Cinematic Images

Get in touch soon to discuss your shoot. I look forward to hearing from you!