About Me

Photographer, Videographer, Lighting Expert

Mitchel Waite

So who am I and what do I actually do?

I love films. I love photography. I love lighting.

Doing some simple maths I've mashed those together and I call myself a Cinematic Photographer. 

I'm a freelance photographer for hire based in London. To make myself stand out from crowd that's now awash with digital photographers, I shoot and colour grade my photos with a cinematic tone. I treat each edit as if it's a movie still. This isn't just with fancy Instagram filters. I love to tell a story with imagery, and I try to fill a shot with as much as possible to provoke an emotional response from the viewer. I am a firm believer in that a picture can really say a thousand words. For me it’s all about perspective, and I’m always trying to capture the world from an angle that no one has yet seen. I’m forever chasing the perfect shot, and still trying to recreate a shot of the neon-noir metropolis from Blade Runner (2019 isn’t that far away...).

Head on over to my Services page or Contact me directly if you need a freelance photographer, videographer or lighting expert/gaffer (I'm all of those rolled in to one!).

-  Mitch.